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Why attend the Reiki and Animal Reiki Relaxation Conference?

Read on to discover how Reiki can support you and your loved ones of any species to relax, release any built up stress and rebalance yourselves, your emotions and your natural energy. As you reveal why you want to book your free Reiki and Animal Reiki Relaxation Conference space now.

A personal example of this is from a recent visit to an animal rescue centre with my Animal Reiki student.

We shared hands on and distance Animal Reiki with a number of individuals both 1:1 and in groups and they each experienced it in different ways but all of them shared loving energetic connection with us as well.

From tiny week old puppies to an elderly female German Shepherd Cross they all showed signs of relaxation as they met us in the loving flowing Animal Reiki energy.

When you choose to share Reiki with animals of any species you create a beautiful opportunity to boost your happiness, calmness and positivity.

Animals companions and clients can support your wellbeing by encouraging you to connect and enjoy the present moment because that is where they are living all the time.

Whilst it can be easy to get caught up in your busy daily routine and life animal companions can help you reconnect to both you and them.

If you're ready to learn more about Reiki and Animal Reiki, how Reiki can support you, and enjoy a live session book your free space today here:

With so much love, light and gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always,

Liz xx

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