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Welcome to the take34u Mission with Liz Clifton

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The take34u™ Mission is here to empower you and your loved ones (of any species) to get Clear, calm, connected and confident starting with just 3 seconds a day.


Start now with some of the simple self-care practices or check out our story below ... 

Simple 3 Second Calm Connection Self-Care Practices

Then whenever you're ready for more complimentary calming resources, bespoke calm support or collaboration ...

Our Story

As Liz Clifton was rehabilitating their first Romanian rescue dog Zara she discovered that she was also rehabilitating herself.


She slowly and gently began to release a series of old personal losses, guilt, hurt and fear which had left her historically feeling not good enough, lost and alone.

Together she and Zara released their old stresses, tension, emotional baggage, anxiety, worry, frustration and sadness and began to reconnect to themselves and each other.

They strengthened their self awareness, self understanding, self belief, self trust and self confidence and found their voices which empowered them to start making their own choices.

In a shared moment of Animal Reiki connection on Liz's kitchen floor she felt a universal nudge to start supporting others to do the same and the take34u mission and Family Dog Connection Limited were conceived.

Her mission is to empower at least 3 million individuals of any species to create their clear, calm, connected, confidence and communication to choose to be themselves with anyone, anywhere at any time and enjoy at least 3 minutes of daily self-care joy.

She then retrained adding extra coaching, hypnosis and Timeline Therapy® qualifications to her certifications and started offering inspirational workshops and events to support others to get started on their own journeys to clear, calm, connection and enjoy utilizing their voice and choice.

Having already helped thousands of parents, animal guardians, entrepreneurs and small business owners to get a little calmer and more connected she loves the ripple effect that occurs when an individual starts to transform themselves.

She has witnessed many people's relationships, businesses and dreams blossom and bloom as they begin taking responsibility for themselves and looking after themselves first.

And she has discovered that just creating and taking 3 seconds a day can make huge differences to your sense of calm, your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, wellness and wellbeing.


take34u today and enjoy one of the simple calm self connection activities above.


If you're interested in getting more support with your journey to clear, calm, connected confidence and communication or in sharing or collaborating to support as many people to enjoy the take34upractices and mission then please reach out to Liz as she'd love to connect with you.


And if you're looking for more complimentary calming resources  check out the


Free Calm Connection Vault Gifts Here


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