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Here are some frequently asked questions that I often receive to help you on your journey to calm with me Liz Clifton.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki to me is a deeply gentle and relaxing experience where you are easily able to naturally calm yourself and release any old energetic and emotional blocks. You can enjoy it hands on or hands off both in person or distantly. It can help you calm yourself within seconds.

What is
Indian head massage?

Indian head massage is a wonderful hands on massage that eases any old tension and stress as there are multiple sensory areas on the top of your head. It works in harmony with Reiki clearing your chakras gently as you deeply relax, release and enjoy a moment of calm.

How can Calm Coaching Help Me?

Calm coaching will help you to let go of any old stacked up stress and emotional baggage or blocks so that you can start creating and achieving your new goals with ease as you get clear, calm, connected and confident to choose to be yourself with anyone at anytime.

What is a Relaxation & Self Care Pamper Hen Party ?

Relaxing, self care hen parties give you an opportunity to truly relax with your loved ones. You can also choose to include calming practices, Reiki self-care, calm party bags or self hypnosis to support yourself and your guests with ongoing relaxation.

Where can I check your reviews?

You can find my reviews on my website, on my Facebook account, on Bark, on trust pilot, on the ANLP website and on my Google Business under my company name Family Dog Connection Limited.

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