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Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki has supported me hugely to naturally calm and relax our two Romanian Rescue Street Dogs, our late rescue house cat and late Doberman (especially as they passed over the rainbow bridge) and of course all of my clients' animals.

Animal Reiki and Reiki for Animals Course Testimonials  

"Very relaxing... surrounded by 4 very chilled dogs."      "That was lovely, feeling super. A is fast asleep"

"Brilliant 😁"       "Lovely"         "Wonderful"       "Fabulously calm in our house now."           


"The dog was pacing before you started but he has now lay down quietly."  

"Thank you so much Liz.  Dogs are comatose too!"       "Very relaxing, thank you Liz!"        

"This has been so relaxing & beautiful both of us are very chilled out. Thank you so much!"  

"All 3 dogs are now crashed out, thank you x."

"Distant Reiki was my favorite... it was, just so restorative and would get me to a place where I could better face my day, my week, my world. 


It was really just exactly what I needed...I've done other, you know, distance Reiki, I've done distance like guided meditation or other types of similar, you know, strategies or whatever. 


Even though we are thousands of miles apart across the pond, there is still this experience of, I really feel like she is right here.


Thank you Liz!"

Reveal How to Relax Easily with Animal Reiki for Your Animals and Your Client's Animals

The truth is that animals connect in an instinctual, in the moment, energetic space and level. So to really connect and understand them fully we get to meet them exactly where they are.


Animal Reiki supported Zara, our first Romanian rescue dog, to build her own calm self confidence, discover her voice and choose to connect with our family.


For Jamie, my soul dog, and our second Romanian street rescue dog (pictured above), Animal Reiki enabled him to naturally calm himself and lower his base stress levels so that he could enjoy his life again. 


Animal Reiki provided relaxation for Arabella our late indoors rescue cat who was confined to our house due to cat flu. Reiki boosted her quality of life and gave her extra support as she slowly lost her sight and hearing.

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