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How to find three minutes a day for Your self care

Updated: Apr 24

Picture showing 5 times of day to find and take 3 minutes for yourself today. When you wake up, in your morning routine, whilst the kettle boils, when you're in the bathroom and when washing your hands. 3 minute activities to try are listed as: focus on your breathing, be present with your actions, read an inspirational quote, walk outside.

Here are 5 simple ways for you to find and take 3 minutes for yourself today.

And if 3 minutes is too much start with just 3 seconds:

Breathe in for 1

Breathe out for 2

Congratulations you just took 3 for you!

Hi, I'm Liz Clifton & I'm on a mission to empower at least 3 million individuals (of any species) to create their clear, calm, connected confidence and communication to choose to be themselves and enjoy take at least 3 minutes daily joy and self care.

With so much love, light & gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always,

Liz xx

P.S. Access more calming resources including some relaxing meditations and more 3 second practices in your complimentary Calm Connection Vault here:

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