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Motherhood Miracles: What Being a Mum Means to Me

Updated: Apr 24

Middle aged very short shaved brown haired woman smiling looking down at two dogs, a small golden shirt haired dog to the front left of the photo facing her chest and a middle sized black and white dog to the right of the photo kissing the smaller golden dog.
Rescue dog mum miracle kisses

Discover my Motherhood Miracles and what Being a Mum means to Me

Join me now to explore some of my motherhood miracles and what being a mum means as I strive to inspire you to check in with yourself, your own miracles and relationships with any species.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is the most beautiful gift that I've been given to be able to share my life, my wisdom, my experiences, my laughter, my giggles, my fun, my childishness with my own children (of all species).

It's been an absolute miracle for me as at 16 had an ovarian cyst and was told that I would never have children.

I'm amazingly grateful for the four daughters that I've brought into this world and for all of the rescue animals that we've adopted into our family.

Especially the two Romanian rescue dogs in the photo above who both experienced many challenges with humans before they came home to us which makes their unconditional love and support so much more miraculous and special.

How does being a mum feel?

Being a mum is amazing and for me it was very unexpected. From the age of 16, I felt that I would never be able to carry my own children.

So at 21 years old I was absolutely flabbergasted to find out that I was pregnant.

In fact the doctor at first thought it was gastroenteritis and put me on some very strong medication to stop the sickness.

I'm incredibly grateful that my daughter was unharmed from this medication and was born at a very healthy weight and has been healthy throughout her whole life.

She'll be a gorgeous 22 years old this year and it's an absolute honor and privilege to be mum to her, to her three beautiful sisters and also adopted mum to all of our rescue animals.

It's a pure natural joy for me every single day.

How has being a mum changed your life?

Right from the beginning my life was turned completely upside down. I was in my third year of university when I fell pregnant.

So it literally changed my life and my career as it gave me an extra year to study afterwards and meant that I chose not to do my teaching qualification year after my degree.

Instead I chose to work mainly from home and look after my daughter full time.

From there, each of my additional three girls added complete changes to my life when I fell pregnant with them and when they were born.

Each of them has increased my love in ways that I never imagined or felt possible.

The amount of love, connection, joy, happiness, giggles, fun and laughter that they have bubbled into my life is unreal.

One of my favorites is that deep feeling of loving connection when they were in my belly, moving around in there.

That's such a miraculous treasure that I will always remember deep within my body, heart and soul.

To be fortunate enough to have close relationships with three of them right now is amazing and I'm amazingly grateful for all of them.

I love being a mum. It's one of my favorite things and it's something that is so natural.

It's also something that you can choose to create because where we've adopted rescue animals, I definitely feel like their adopted mum.

And family members who have adopted kids absolutely have close maternal relationships and connections.

It's a tremendous delight to build those family connections together and support each other as we move through different experiences.

Every experience creates new emotions that we can share and release together which helps us all get stronger together.

It's empowered me to help guide them and lead them by example so that they can build the strength to choose to live their lives how they want and support them to be the people they want to be.

And it's shown me the power of such strong unconditional love that I began when they were still in my belly and has continued ever since as I am their mother, their friend, their confident and their biggest biggest supporter.

What does being a mother mean to you?

It means so so much to me. Being a mum is such a joyful role.

It can be challenging absolutely but then with every challenge with every bump along the road there's always a lesson or learning in there for me.

There's always a reason that something has happened.

Even the most difficult things that occur for you, as a mum, when you look back at them you can always find a silver lining there.

I get to enjoy so many amazing opportunities, excitement and discoveries with them and each one strengthens our relationships with ourselves and each other.

It means adding an immense extra depth of connection to another being which fills and fuels my heart everyday with so so much love, light, freedom and gratitude.

Now I'd love to know what motherhood means to you whatever species your babies are...

With so much love, light and gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always,

Liz xx

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