Heal Yourself First.

Find Your Fulfilment and the Confidence to Spread Your Wings & Soar with Joy Everyday.

Hi, I'm Liz Clifton & it's an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Over the years I started and failed at various self development routes, literally learning how to Not connect in my relationships or communicate effectively.


Gifting me experience and expertise to guide and support you to make positive lasting developments from the very start of your journey.

I'm here to support you with friendly ears to listen, a smiling face to share a giggle and a strong arm to Guide you firmly back on course when you need Support.

My mission is to achieve a world where every voice counts and everyone is confident to be their true self no matter where they are or who they are with.

Get Supported today with free access to the Self Care Series: Creating calm confidence.

Enjoy over 30 new daily expert interviews and simple 3 minute activities from August 2nd.



Jump into the Free Self Care Series: Creating calm confidence

Discover the secret of self care with over 30 new daily expert interviews.

Invest just 3 minutes a day and start building your emotional, mental & physical well being.

3 minutes a day for a year is over 18 hours self care which is a great start.

Enjoy the three minutes of daily activities and watch your happiness, peace and resilience grow.

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Create the Life You Want & Deserve

You're here for a reason so let's connect & start creating

Your healing journey today!

Once we heal ourselves we can support others to the best of our ability.

My vision is to achieve a world where every voice counts and everyone is confident to be their true self no matter where they are or who they are with.

As a mum, wife, Relationship & Communication Coach, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Dog Bite Safety Trainer, Canine Behaviourist Diploma trainee, English tutor and guardian of two rescued Romanian street dogs 

I get the need to Balance Your Family Life.

I can't wait to Connect with You:


Happiness & Fulfilment

Empower Yourself as You uncover Your Heart's Desire and Step Into Your Life.

Book Your Free Clarity Connection Call - let's talk about You!


Get supported today!

Book a Free 40 minute connection call and discover how I can help.

I can't wait to connect with you. Sessions are done virtually, with personalized plans to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

With so much love, light and gratitude, Liz xx

Ystrad Mynach, United Kingdom

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“Live, Laugh and Love.”

Liz Clifton