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Monthly Calm Club Sessions with Liz

Sessions can be booked alone or Save Big with 12 month access to all Calm Club Sessions for just £22/month*

Calm Club Membership

When you're ready to get clear, calm and confident, to process your deep historic and ongoing emotions Calm Club 12 Month Membership is here to help you let go of any old anxiety, old fears, old grief, old anger and old frustration, as you gently reconnect with yourself and all those around you.


It offers you the benefits of live calm coaching in a virtual group environment, from the comfort of your own home in a calm supportive space. All calm club sessions including a relaxing monthly meditation, calm coaching question and answer session, deep emotional release session and a Brand New Bonus Reiki relaxation session are recorded to give you 24/7 access at an affordable cost of just £22 per month.


Please reach out to me here with any questions and I look forward to supporting you on your personal journey to clear, calm, connected relationships and leadership in all areas of your life, goals, vision and mission as you relax, release and rebalance with as much ease and effortlessness as possible.

Group rate calm wellness and self-care memberships and leadership support packages for businesses, charities and organizations are also available by request.

* Calm Club 12 Month Membership details can be found by clicking on Explore Plans where there is also a 1 month Calm Club Membership Trial available for you to try out today.

With so much gratitude for you exactly as you are now and always, Liz xx

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